Our success depends on you!!


For over 30 years we have succeeded in demonstrating and displaying our Harvards and BCATP/RCAF associated aircraft.


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Our organization is built upon people!


All of our successes come from the many like-minded people of CHAA.

People…. who wish to preserve our aviation heritage and history.

 People…. who see the need to honour our veterans in a meaningful way.

 People…. who share an interest in Canadian aviation.


CHAA is a registered, non-profit, charitable organization with a Class B Museum designation.  Our organization currently boasts  700+ members worldwide.  As such we have an established organizational structure and are governed by our approved by-laws.  The functioning of the organization is overseen by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to ensure that the operation of the Association falls within its mandate.


 Director- President, Chairman & Store  Manager
 Pat Hanna
 Director- Vice-President
 Bill Shepard
 Director- Secretary (Acting)
 Terry Scott
 Director, Chief Operations Officer & Air  Displays
 Bjarni Tryggvason
 Director, Chief Technical Officer 
 Shane Clayton
 Director & Public Relations
 Terry Scott
 Director & ROAR Publisher
 Terry Scott
 Mel Blundell
 Paul Hayes
 Service Crew Chief
 Shawn Wylie
 Chief Pilot
 Scott McMaster
 Crew Flight Coordinator
 Melanie Burden
 Membership Chair
 Tracy Reddy
 Aircraft Recovery Team
 Walther Irie
 Ron Jay
 Archives & Museum Chair
 Shane Clayton
 Finance Committee
 Torben Haarbye
 Building & Property Chair
 Shawn Newman
 Harvard Happenings
 Sandra Sparkes
 Website Manager
 Terry Scott




There are many ways to become involved!


Fundraising Committee
Dive Recovery Team
Maintenance Team
Service Crew
Buildings & Property Maintenance
Restoration Team
Membership Committee
Archives/Research/Special Projects
Volunteer Committee


For more information on how you can help email:




Become a member, volunteer, or just donate to our cause.

In the end it all comes down to helping us…..


‘Keep ‘Em Flying’


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